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When you order through us, we provide you with support and guidance throughout the treatment process. They are both vital.

We will also send you four pages of instructions, which gives dosage and other important information. We probably send out more information than necessary for some people, but feel that it is the informed person that will get the best results by following the treatment protocol and understanding the process.

SymbionProbiotics :

SymbionProbiotics are available online here: The company does not notify us of your order so we can send out instructions, so please write to us if you want a detailed copy. Otherwise, basic instructions are on the Instructions Page. The cost per bottle is $48 for one, or 15% off for two or more and free shipping on orders over $100. They also offer an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee on the first purchase. They only ship inside the US. For International orders, see International Orders below.


ThreeLacProbiotics is available through Global Health Trax. You can order Retail directly from the company in California ($49.95 for 60 packets of ThreeLacProbiotics), by clicking here: If you go on a monthly Auto Order, the price for ThreeLacProbiotics is only $45, or the price for Oxygen Elements Max is only $22 and you also get free shipping. You can change your Auto Order any time prior to the next shipping date. Auto Orders and changes must be made by calling GHT at 800-305-5710 (Pacific Time, 8am - 5pm).

GHT will send you their How to Use Instructions and 1 Product Flyer containing all of GHT'S products. The GHT Instructions are not the same as the ones we will email to you, so please follow ours. We email you four pages of complete details on how best to begin and proceed with both ThreeLacProbiotics and Oxygen Elements Max, plus additional recommendations on how to achieve success with the program.

If you have any trouble ordering ThreeLacProbiotics or signing up, please call Global Health Trax (760-542-3000 Pacific Time M-F)  or toll-free (800-305-5710 M-F) to place your order by phone. Please tell them Mark Cobb referred you so we can get our instructions to you.

Global Health Trax has a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee on first time orders. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your results, please return the unused portion to the company (or retail distributor) for a full refund, less shipping charges.  Call 760-542-3000 first to obtain a return authorization number.

Be careful whom you order ThreeLacProbiotics from. There are some unauthorized dealers on the internet (like Amazon), who provide no instructions, or worse, bad instructions on how best to begin and achieve success with ThreeLacProbiotics and OE+ and offer no support or guidance. Amazon in particular offers no guarantee at all on opened products. Anyone selling ThreeLacProbiotics for less than the retail price of $49.95 is not an approved GHT distributor and is either selling black market or counterfeit goods. This is not a concern with SymbionProbiotics however, since that company only sells direct to the public. Because ThreeLacProbiotics and SymbionProbiotics contain live bacteria, the only way to ensure that you're ordering fresh, live (and fully guaranteed) products is to order directly from the manufacturers above. We provide ongoing guidance and support for both ThreeLacProbiotics and SymbionProbiotics users.

International Orders:

For the United Kingdom and European Union, please contact:

Goedele Vercnocke or 0032 (0) 485-31-01-01
SymbionProbiotics Orders Only

For Australia and New Zealand ThreeLacProbiotics Orders Only, click here:
To receive our instructions, you must ask for "Mark and Alyson Cobb's Instructions" to receive a copy.

For Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Australia and New Zealand SymbionProbiotics Orders Only: